My 7+ years working with Zoe and Jake have been some of the most important and formative years of my life. Zoe and Jake have an astounding ability to foster real tangible growth in their students, not only as actors but as people. Over the course of single terms I have watched myself and my classmates grow to extents I would not have thought possible after the first class. Both Zoe and Jake have a true love for the craft of acting and performance, a love which they are able to pass on to their students in a profound way. I have always found a deep sense of community at the Acting Center which has extended on past my time there, this is thanks to the values of opportunity, respect, and discovery Zoe and Jake bring to the work. For this and everything they do, I will forever be grateful.

Sebastian R.
School of Performance - Ryerson University

Whether it was Shakespeare, contemporary text, voice-over or Musical Theatre, I learned so much from Jake and Zoe. They are kind, supportive, and always know just the right thing to say to nudge you in the right direction. I can honestly say I would not have felt prepared for my step into post-secondary education without their guidance. They are truly wonderful people with masterful talent and are the perfect people to train the next generation of performers.

Ben S.
Musical Theatre Performance - Sheridan

When I was 11 years old I fell in love with acting and for the next 8 years I studied at The Acting Center soaking up every lesson taught. From the very first moment I stepped into the studio I knew this place was special. Zoe and Jake's professionalism, talent and pure love for the art changed my life forever!

Max K.
George Brown Theatre School

I attended the Acting Center for over eight years, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Zoe and Jake provided me with a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment which allowed me to grow as a person and an artist. As a young kid I was withdrawn and shy but through both the acting and musical theatre programs I became more confident and creative with Zoe and Jake to help guide me. Their knowledge about the industry and the talent that they bring to their work as teachers has been something I’ve carried with me even after my time at the school was over. The Acting Center is a great place for both kids who want to get into acting and kids who want to just break free and have fun, I highly recommend it!

Elizabeth R.
School of Dramatic Art - University of Windsor