I joined the Acting Center when I was 14 and it was the very best part of my week for the 4 wonderful years I spent there. Zoe and Jake take your dreams and aspirations seriously while also meeting each new young actor where they’re at. I learned so many helpful acting skills but I also learned how to work creatively with others, find my voice and believe in myself. It was such a lovely and fun experience. I couldn’t recommend The Acting Center enough!

Emily B.
Acting for Media Program - George Brown College

Acting Technique for Teens is a fast paced creative environment for the young actor who is looking to train at an industry level. Actors will study a variety of techniques which will be applied to their live performances and on-camera studies. Each actor will grow in confidence as they explore their passion for acting by writing scripts, directing, setting scenes, improvising and developing character. This teen class is fun and disciplined all at the same time. This inclusive acting technique class celebrates individuality and diversity in a safe and supportive environment. Guest directors will make special appearances throughout the year.

All Acting Technique classes are led by Artistic Directors Zoe Heath and Jake Simons.

13 to 18 years - $1,180.00 plus HST (Full Year Fee)
Tuesday - 7pm to 8:45pm

Thursday-7pm to 8:45pm